Topic of Study

Chủ đề học tập thường xuyên ra nhất vì nó gần với thực tế số lượng thí sinh thi ielts lớn nhất. Sau đây là một loạt câu hỏi gợi ý về chủ đề “study” mẫu tham khảo để luyện tập trong phần 1 thi ielts speaking.

Do you work or study?

  • I am currently a senior student at Hung Vuong University, and I am studying tourism at the
  • I am currently working in Ho Chi Minh city, and I worked here about 5 years ago.
    Trong câu này sử dụng danh động từ V-ing là “working”
  • I am a worker in Ho Chi Minh city, and I worked here about 5 years ago.

Tip: Trong ngữ cảnh câu hỏi này thí sinh nhớ chú ý nếu đã đi làm rồi thì trả lời là đi làm, để tránh những câu hỏi phía sau chuyên ngành về học tập mà nhiều khi lâu rồi bạn không nhớ

Which universities do you go to?

  • To be honest, the university I went to is called HungVuongUniversity, which was a top-level university in Vietnam. I was really proud to be a student here because the major touch me a ton of wonderful life

How do you usually spend your school day?

  • I usually spend my school day with a combination of homework and spending time with friends. I also sometimes like to (join) participate in a club or other extracurricular activity during lunch or after school. Most of my day I spend doing schoolwork because I don’t want to fall behind.

What technology do you use when you study? / Which technology can help you learn better?

  • There are lots of websites and apps that can quiz you and test your knowledge. All you have to do is input your terms and then you can use online accounts. I have used a couple of them to memorize important terms before an exam. They are definitely a life-saver when you are in a rush to catch up on some class content.

Why did you choose your school I university?

  • Well, when I was a high school student, I heard my university has a really good undergraduate program for Computer Science, which is really what I’m passionate about and love to study. Besides, my parents are also rooting for me to go there as they believe four years of study would be a big help for my future career.

Is it good to study in the morning or in the afternoon? / Do you prefer to study in the morning or in the afternoon?

  • I think it is good to study in the morning. I have to wake up earlier while my mentality is still strong, so that helps me learn lessons too easily. Moreover, I have more time for the day. 
  • I think it is better to work in the morning. I have to wake up earlier while my mentality is still strong, which helps me finish tasks too easily. Moreover, I have more time for the day. 

Who is more important for you at school, teachers or students?

  • I think both of them are important. I mean, the teachers were obviously teaching in the classroom, the teachers gave knowledge to you but the students helped you when you did not understand your lessons. And the students can play games together.

Do you like your school?

  • Yes, certainly. I love my school. I mean, even though I’m often swamped (busy) with all the assignments and exams there. I remember that my teachers are all nice and helpful . None of them have ever given me a hard issue. And most importantly, I have some really awesome friends at school who hang out with me all the time.

Which part of your school do you like?

  • I really like the library that was a part of my school at the time. Because you know, I was a student and I needed a ton of information from books so I usually go there. The book is still important to me, nowaday

How do you improve your study efficiency?

  • Well, I usually was improving my study at the time, but there were some distractions around me. I turned off my phone and I avoided listening to music. It helps me focus on my study and avoid wasting all my time.

Which part do you hope your school to change?/Which part of your school needs an improvement?

  • Well, If i have a magical, I wish My school can upgrade to big the gym room so that the student can exercise more, which will good for healthy and help learn lesson to student. I really hope our school can do something about it.

Are you looking forward to working?

  • Yes, I am. Everyone leaves the school they want working the job and I am an exception. I really expect to have a proper job after graduating from college. It will be a huge change of lifestyle and I will be able to support myself financially, which will make my parents proud as well. I can’t wait to find a good job.

Describe your education

  • I started going to school when I was 6 years old. I finished my primary education and after that I went to secondary school then I went to high school in my hometown. And now, I am a student. I hope I will make a lot of money when I leave my school.

What kind of school did you go to as a child?

  • As a child, I attended a public elementary school. It’s quite a big school in my hometown which
    provides both high-quality education and a supportive environment, so I think I was quite lucky.

Do you think your country has an effective education system?

  • To be honest, I think so. But The study is  good from primary to secondary school. And beginning highschool it not good for them. But I am just thinking that I am not sure about it.