Topic of Major – Subject

Chủ đề môn học chính = Topic of Major – Subject. Sau đây chỉ là những gợi ý, để nói tốt hơn, bạn cần tham khảo và soạn lại nội dung tương tự những câu hỏi này

What is your major?

  • I’m studying at a tourism university. It’s an undergraduate major, and it usually takes four years to earn the degree. I feel happy being enrolled in this program because traveling is one thing that I’m passionate about. Plus, I love to go overseas.

Do you like your major?

  • Yes, I do like my major. But you know… there will always be parts you like and parts you don’t like. For example, the field training is very interesting, but the theoretical courses are quite difficult to understand.

Why did you choose to study that (major)?

  • Well, as for the reasons why I decided to study tourism, I think the main one is that I have lots of passion for that field. I never feel bored and I always enjoy studying and researching things about it. Also, Everyone likes to travel and I am no exception. That is the reason I choose to study tourism.

What’s the interesting part of your major?

  • I’m majoring in tourism, and I really like what I do studying, especially when I take info about tourist areas. They give me a lot of history information because becoming a tour operator I need to understand about it.

What kinds of help can this major bring to your future job?

  • I believe this major will help me communicate well with others in a future job. For instance, When tourists want to go on a tour, they need to book a hotel. At that time, I took my lesson while I learned in school and I set up easy booking for customers, which is always helpful.

What is your plan after finishing school?

  • Well, it is hard to say right now. Everything feels like it is up in the air. But after I graduate from school, I would like to have a good job that is similar to what I study in school. If I get that I will be so happy and happy. After that, maybe I will get married.

When did you decide to choose your major?

  • If memory serves correctly, I chose my major in high school. That was the school at the last information pages. I found that I really loved them and was passionate about tourism. So that’s when I decided to pick it as my major.

Which subjects are more difficult? Do you think your major is difficult?/ What do you dislike about your major?

  • Personally, subjects in history to me are more difficult. I can’t remember my memories because there were a lot of things I must remember and I can not put it into my head.

What have you learned from the courses?

  • I have basically learned how to think and write booking. It sounds kind of vague. But it basically means I can explain my thoughts in a way that makes sense and is based on evidence. It’s actually a very useful skill. It helps with communication and making your point in the best way possible.